Residential Investments

Many of our residential property investments are focused on Melbourne, where the market is profitable and developments in the suburbs can be lucrative.

Our development services can begin and end where you want them to. We can help you discover opportunities before giving you all the information you need to take the next steps.

In Melbourne there are measures in place restricting what foreign investors can do in the property market. They are usually limited to buying new developments. However, our team of legal experts can draw up all the documentation necessary to establish your Property Investment Trust. From there, your options will widen to include older builds and land with potential.

The result is the right opportunity in the right suburb and a smooth process that secures your investment for the future.   

Our experienced design and construction professionals will plan and execute the development of your new home. We’ll then put the right team in place to fulfil your ambitions and carefully manage the progress as construction unfolds.  

As we deal directly with suppliers and have strong relationships with our contractors,  investors who work with us stand to save thousands of dollars.

With the right opportunity, you could be watching on as your investment grows even while construction is underway. 


做为一个专业的投资者,你应该对墨尔本新房子或是公寓的投资市场有所了解。为了更好的完善城市发展计划, 对于外国投资者设置了一些限制条款,比如,市中心二手房不对外国投资者出售。因此,很多人选择投资郊区的新房产,显而易见地,无法满足你对投资资金升值空间的期望。有什么办法呢?请让我们来帮助你。

在Perpetual Projects我们拥有最清晰的步骤来为你解答所有疑问。我们专业的律师团队将会为整理最准确合理的购买二手房的所有材料。 并将由我们最专业的建筑管理和建筑设计团队为你提供新家的设计和实施方案。

选择我们Perpetual Projects,将会为你排除一切疑难并为你量身定做最适合你饿投资方案。选择我们Perpetual Projects, 将是你最正确的选择

We build relationships with partners who share our
passion for the property development industry. For every project we combine
local knowledge and global resources with no shortage of leadership
and real-world experience. Contact us today.